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In the field of diapers, "Chikool" continues to develop diapers that are more suitable for babies' skin through various more scientific and safe technologies. The selling point is combined with people, events, and objects that can guide cognition. By setting up painting branches with different themes, painting styles, and picture contents, it presents a complete world for children and broadens children's cognition.

Transcend, from the beginning of its birth, has been deeply involved in the field of incontinence care and committed to creating professional hygiene products. Transcend incontinence series has been in the industry for more than 20 years with the idea of research-oriented and focusing on adult care. Featured as the dominant tone of white and blue, the brand focuses on the simplicity, cleanness and high-quality. At present, the products range has covered adult diapers, adult pants, underpads, etc.

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